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Temporary fencing comes in many forms, cost is a major factor in the decision of what type will be used. The cost of construction depends on the materials chosen to build the temporary barrier, cost and the design used to make the fencing may also be determined by the location and size of the site where it is needed. There are numerous types of temporary fences on the market. Cost for each variety will vary depending on material chosen, height of fence, style, material used, color and any other specifications desired by the owner. Cost for each type of construction is based on the weight of the fence and the distance between posts or footer drains.

Temporary fencing is usually a free standing, double sided, self-standing barrier panel, the panels usually are held together by plastic couplers which interlock panels together creating a modular construction which is then portable and flexible for use on a vast range of sites. An example of a popular temporary fencing material is Heras temporary fencing. This plastic material used to create this fencing has a white appearance similar to vinyl fencing but with a slightly sturdier structure. Heras temporary fencing can be found in various lengths and styles and can be used on most types of private or public property. Some of the fencing panels within this brand have a steel tongue which makes them highly adaptable to both indoor and outdoor use.

Other popular brands of temporary fencing are Bifold and Panoleum, these are two popular construction companies which specialize in high quality modular and temporary fencing. The cost of the modular structures will include the metal panels, posts and footer drains. The cost of these barriers will vary from location to location and depends largely on the amount of work involved in putting the barrier in place and whether there is space to add more posts or footers. It is important to provide enough space for any additional barriers that you may need to install so your site will be properly incorporated with the entire construction process.

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